This is the January 2019 Report of the Leicestershire Speakers Club

“Ode to a Pill”, read with such expression by one of our experienced members, reduced the audience to convulsive laughter – what a happy way to open our January meeting!

There were two speeches on the programme, we had a superb speech entitled “Dignity and Honour”; the subject of which was the re-interment of Richard III’s remains in Leicester Cathedral. Our speaker told about the logistics of placing the stone tomb which had been cut from a solid block of Swalesdale fossil limestone and placed on a plinth of Kilkenny marble. The choice of Kilkenny marble was influenced by the fact that Richard III also held the title Lord of Ireland. The beautiful blue marble bears Richard’s dates, name, coat of arms and his motto “Loyalty Binds Me” inscribed in archaic French.

We then moved on to a most moving and joyful speech about a mother being reunited with a child adopted at birth. This was beautifully delivered and had the audience smiling with admiration of the speaker for sharing her story.

The topics session was intriguing; speakers were given a picture or word and asked to use their imagination to link their subject with that of the previous speaker. A narrative was given to the first speaker to help start the round.

The Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Blaby Drop in Centre. For more information ring Bev Capewell on 0116 2770266 or visit our website We can also provide entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.