DSC01480-smallWe are a friendly and welcoming group of people from varied walks of life.

We have different motives for being with Leicestershire Speakers, but we have all benefited from increased self-confidence and more relaxed social interaction.

Our aim at Leicestershire Speakers is to improve our own public speaking skills whilst helping each other.

We are aided by a handbook which sets out various speaking techniques and each time we make a prepared speech we pay particular attention to one of these skills.

The first half of our evenings generally comprise three or four prepared speeches by speakers of different abilities. Following these speeches feed-back is given. This is always constructive and aids our progress.

Following a refreshment break, the second half of the evening is usually devoted to impromptu speaking. Everyone who has not yet made a speech, and any guest who wishes to join in, has the chance to speak for three minutes on a given topic. Feed-back is given at the end of the session.

At certain times during the year we will incorporate a session of “Call my Bluff ,” “Just a Minute” and other speaking games. Essentially, we want everyone to have fun whilst progressing along the public speaking path.

We meet at 7.30 p.m-10.00pm on the second Wednesday of each month at The Drop-in Centre, Welford Road, Blaby