This is the June 2017 Report of the Leicestershire Speakers Club

It was beautiful evening when we held our June meeting and the atmosphere was light -hearted.

Anne French read a humourous, thought provoking poem which urged  listeners not to put off until tomorrow what they want to do today because life is too short!

Is the Wild Scottish Haggis a creature with four legs, the two on the left being shorter than those on the right an endangered species? Rob McCord’s impassioned speech had us nearly convinced this was fact. It is possible the haggis in the delicatessen of Waitrose will be the subject of scrutiny by some! His delivery and dry Scottish humour had us ‘rolling in the aisles’. He was deservedly awarded ‘star of the month’.

We discovered Allan Woods’ passion for playing cricket, as he shared with us his experience of playing cricket tour on in Sri Lanka during the Tamil Tigers rebellion. This had been an exciting and eye opening experience for him.

Mark Snow intrigued us telling of his love of Stargazing and gave advice on the use of telescopes. He explained that stars appear as a white bright light when viewed by the naked eye but they are a myriad of colour when seen through a telescope.

The perfect gift was the subject of Val Christie’s speech, she concluded that perhaps the perfect gift was peace and quiet!

Bev Capewell devised a delightful topics session; this involved a person being given a picture depicting a scene or theme and having to describe it with word pictures.

Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public.  Our meetings are supportive, informative and entertaining, helping to turn nervous wrecks into confident, speakers. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Blaby Drop in Centre. For more information, ring Anne Jones on 0116 2772295 or visit our website We can also provide entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.