This is the October 2017 Report of the Leicestershire Speakers Club

We were enthralled by Anne French’s reading of a memoire by a World War II, pilot who reluctantly left a bevy of beauties beside a swimming pool one warm August evening to fly a mission across France into Germany. The description of how the planes were buffeted, twisted and turned in the slip streams of the planes ahead was so real.  Flying low over a chateau where a tea party was taking place was soothing to hear and illustrated that even in times of war and adversity life still went on!

Inspired by Ian Botham’s magnificent work with fund raising, Bob McCord decided to follow suit and made the decision to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands’ End.  Not only did he achieve this; he decided to pedal back straight back to his starting point!  Go Fly your Kite was the title of Val Christie’s speech a piece of nostalgia about the late 1940s when kids amused themselves making kites with simple materials. Mark Snow talked about Malcolm Gladman’s book “Outliers” A Story of Success. This book examined factors that contribute to high level of success, one example being most professional ice hockey and football players are more likely to have been born in January, February and March.

An account of how things go wrong was given to us by Margaret Barrett. During one Faraday Lectures technical difficulties caused the microphone to malfunction and the poor lecturer was left with an excruciating silence thinking, they will never ask me again. After the lecture he was congratulated on his composure. The lecturer concerned was Margaret’s brother.

The topics for this month where the brain child of John Baron. The subject inanimate objects. The imagination was wonderful as participants spoke of a jam sandwich, high heels, a fountain pen, a teapot and garden spade, the list was expansive and space restricts from mentioning all of them.

Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Blaby Drop in Centre. For more information, ring Anne Jones on 0116 2772295 or visit our website We can also provide entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.