This is the July 2019 Report of the Leicestershire Speakers Club

We listened with rapt attention to Sylvia Bosworth as she spoke about the life and achievements of the master of language and metaphor – W H Auden. Sylvia read extracts of “The Night Mail” and “Stop the Clocks” just two of his well loved poems.

A delightful speech was delivered by Marion Broomhead entitled “The Humble Loaf”.  Bread making has its origins in Egypt more than eight thousand years ago and nowadays we are spoilt for choice. She ended with some sound advice, “You will never go hungry if you have a loaf and a jar of jam!”

“That Little White Ball” was the topic of John Baron’s speech telling us of the history and origins of golf. In 1389 the citizens of Haarlem in the Netherlands were given a field for the sole use of playing Colf (which evolved into Golf – an ancient Scottish verb ‘to strike’). The first rules of golf were established in 1774 by The Gentlemen of Leith.  Did you know in 1457 King James II of Scotland banned the playing of golf and football? This decision was made to preserve the skills of archery.

The Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Blaby Drop in Centre. For more information ring Bev Capewell on 0116 2770266 or visit our website We can also provide entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.