This is the October 2018 Report of the Leicestershire Speakers Club

Sylvia Bosworth read an extract from Bill Bryson’s “A Small Island” which emphasised today’s trend of town planners seemingly following a particular pattern layout of our towns and cities and giving the impression one could be almost anywhere.

According to John Baron many sayings in use today originated from the Royal Navy in the eighteenth century. He gave many examples in his speech, based on meaningful gestures, and one in particular was very amusing. ‘Show a leg’. When a ship came back to its home port a sailor would be allowed to share his hammock with a lady for the night and she was allowed an extra thirty minutes in the hammock after her companion left for duty. The officer of the day would walk amongst the hammocks crying “show a leg” thus ensuring no member of crew was malingering.

A great topics session was led by Mark Snow which allowed people to demonstrate their passion or dislike for something. The subjects ranged from mobile phones to cooking.

Our October meeting was a lively, fun-filled evening.

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