This is the November 2018 Report of the Leicestershire Speakers Club

There three wonderful speeches this month. Mark gave a great speech entitled “To Hell in a Hand Cart”. Comparisons with social behaviour now and a century ago, suggested that the generation before us seem to look back with sentimental nostalgia eulogising how wonderful life was when they were young. Mark quashed this misconception with some hard-hitting statistics that demonstrated things had actually improved.

Penny’s speech about queuing had us all smiling. The Japanese queue in a long line and when the train actually comes into the station the leading part of the queue form a quadrille and peal off like an English folk dance; her word pictures were graphic.

Marion spoke about the pitfalls of perfect family holidays with a cautionary tale of ensuring the accommodation suit one’s requirements.

Sue’s speech concerned the tragedy of the American Plains Indians, and particularly the very brave and charismatic Sitting Bull.

The topics section devised by Wyn caused the most hilarity of the evening. The first speaker had set an atmospheric scene as part of the first chapter of a book subsequent speakers added to the story much like the game ‘consequences’. The end result was unbelievable!

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