Public Speaking For YOU!


Speaking For Confidence
Building confidence starts with practice. The more you speak to an audience the more you will find you can!

Speaking For Social Reasons
Have you a Wedding or Function coming up at which you will be expected to say something? Does this thought terrify you? Come and join us to learn how to do it successfully!

Speaking For Business ReasonsĀ 
Do you have (or want) a job where you will be required to address your colleagues? Does this thought make you nervous? It needn’t! Perhaps you have to give Presentations? Our club specializes in teaching the skills to speak effectively and in a way that will hold your audiences attention.

Speaking For Pleasure
Learn with us in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We all learn together. Some of our members have been Public Speakers for many years, others have never stood before an audience. Whatever your level you will be welcomed and able to develop your skills, at your own pace, in the way that suits your personality.